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© 2012 ALL IN SQUARE, pavement + outdoor furniture · design with IN-TENTA · CLIENT: URBAN SQUARE

ALL-IN-SQUARE is a new design idea made up of a microarchitecture, urban furniture and external floor covering;
for public urban spaces and contemporary users, offering them solutions to new needs and habits.

logo urban
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ALL-IN-SQUARE urban furniture is made up of four pieces:

  • a bench made in granite. A simple backless seat without cover or back for quick break
  • a ‘cocoon’ seat made in perforated metal plate. In this seat it is possible to lean on or to stretch in
  • a lighting element. Its function is to create a soft light at night
  • a bike stand made in metal plate. It can be used as a fast temporary parking


■ 2013 June 14th
"Modular: Stadtmöblierung mit System"  
■ 2013 February 19th
"Urban Microarchitecture"  
■ 2013 February 18th
"All-in-square, microarchitettura e arredo urbano integrati da tecnologia solare"  
■ 2013 February 16th
"All in square micro-architecture by In-Tenta" 
■ 2012 May 13th
"El estudio IN-TENTA gana la convocatoria de O-cults para Urban Square"  


■ 2012 March 22th
ALL-IN-SQUARE, microarchitecture + urban furniture won the First Award,
URBAN SQUARE + O-CULTS design contest – Galeria Il.lacions, Barcelona, SPAIN.

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