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    ©2013 'Collage of seats' art&craft research for Semina workshop by Patricia Urquiola  
  © Domaine de Boisbuchet, 16500 Lessac, France · www.boisbuchet.com  




The title of this workshop has a double meaning as seeds that offer new research and new experience and as a reference to “Semina” - the avant-garde Pop magazine of the late 1950's and 60's. “Semina” was strongly interested in collage, a most crucial stylistic innovation in the arts of the twentieth century that provided this extraordinary magazine with a principle for both aesthetic and existential novelty.

The lively designer Patricia Urquiola suggested us to re-think “Semina” in its key-concepts and re-launch a process of research through a very open idea of collage that relates to our contemporary daily life.


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    Urquiola Urquiola urquiola  

Boisbuchet workshop


Credits photos by ©Aneta Zeleznikova


Zuzanna Weiss

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